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Navigating the New Era: Understanding the EU’s Directive Against Greenwashing

The European Union is taking decisive action against greenwashing, a practice where businesses make misleading or unsubstantiated claims about the environmental benefits of their products or services. This move marks a crucial turning point in how sustainability is approached and communicated in the marketplace.


Understanding the Directive: The EU Parliament’s Green Claims Directive aims to ban greenwashing and misleading environmental claims. It focuses on promoting goods with genuine durability and verifiable environmental benefits. This directive is part of a broader effort to foster a more sustainable and honest marketplace.

Impact on Product Labels: The European Parliament has voted to adopt a law that regulates sustainability claims on product labels. This law will prohibit retailers from making general environmental claims and sustainability claims without providing evidence. This shift will require businesses to be more transparent and precise in their environmental communications.

Details of the Anti-Greenwashing Legislation: In a significant vote, 593 MEPs passed the directive, with only 21 voting against. The directive, taking effect from early 2026, mandates that businesses in the EU must not make vague claims about their products or services’ environmental impact unless they can substantiate these claims. Terms such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘recycled’, and ‘biodegradable’ are under scrutiny, especially if they are not supported by concrete evidence.

Carbon Offsetting Claims: The directive also addresses claims supported by carbon offsetting. Businesses will essentially be banned from labelling their offerings as ‘climate-neutral’ or ‘carbon-neutral’ if they rely solely on offsetting to balance their emissions. This is due to concerns about the credibility of some carbon offsetting schemes.

Implications for Businesses: This directive, which comes after months of negotiations, is a step towards more honest commercial practices and informed consumers. For companies like BlueSky, we need to ensure we align with these new regulations. We are dedicated to meet these standards and continue to offer ranges of packaging solutions that are genuinely more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

BlueSky’s Commitment to Transparency and Sustainability: At BlueSky, we have always prioritised transparent and honest communication about our products. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our offerings, like our range of aluminium bottles and jars, and Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) products. We ensure that our sustainability claims are backed by credible evidence, aligning with the new EU directive.


To learn more about how BlueSky can help your business adapt to these new regulations with sustainable packaging solutions, contact us today.