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Introducing BlueSky’s Consultancy Service

As our expertise in packaging solutions to the personal care sector has grown, so to have our partnerships with many Indie brand owners. Once packaging requirements have been finalised, many brand owners turn to BlueSky for advice on sourcing, formulation development and testinglabels, display cartons and most importantly a manufacturing partner.

Coordinating multiple suppliers is a serious pain point and can result in delays to launch dates and budget blowout and overspend due to varying MOQ’s and supplier requirements.

To solve this challenge, BlueSky have further developed its consultancy service to offer an ‘end-to-end’ product development service for Indie Brand Owners in the personal care sector.

Using our unique 4C methodology, BlueSky:

  • Consult – with you to understand and establish a clear product brief.
  • Collaborate – with multiple providers, leveraging our extensive supplier partnerships and experience, to meet your brief.
  • Coordinate – and manage all elements of the product development process, utilising our inhouse capabilities and project management team.
  • Create – your finished product – taking full responsibility for the manufacturing process – ready to ship to your chosen destination.

This proven 4C methodology enables you as the brand owner to focus on what you do best, developing and promoting your brand, confident you have a world class development team supporting you at every step.