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HD (High Dose) Lotion Pump: Efficiency meets style

When it comes to certain liquid products, having a packaging solution that not only exudes visual appeal but also functions flawlessly is crucial. That’s where the HD (High Dose) Pump with a 28/410 collar comes in, and we are thrilled to offer this addition to our product line-up.

The HD Pump goes beyond mere aesthetics; it embodies sleekness and style while delivering precise and consistent dosages with each pump. Say goodbye to over-dispensing and wasted product. With the HD Pump, you can rest assured that every use will dispense 4cc/4ml of your liquid product, ensuring your customers achieve their desired results each and every time.

But that’s not all. We understand the importance of brand individuality, which is why the HD Pump is completely customisable to match your unique aesthetic. Choose from a wide array of captivating colours and rest easy knowing that the HD Pump is compatible with various bottle materials, including the ever-popular aluminium.

What sets the HD Pump apart even further is its incredible flexibility and convenience. With low minimum order quantities of just 25,000 units and remarkably quick lead times of 3-6 weeks for production and delivery, this packaging solution is perfect for industries like hair care. In an industry that thrives on rapidly changing trends and consumer demands, the HD Pump ensures you can meet those demands swiftly and efficiently.

Moreover, the HD Pump is part of our collection of Lotion Pumps, making it an excellent choice for reuse when combined with refillable bottles. By incorporating the HD Pump into your brand’s repertoire, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and provide your customers with the convenience and effectiveness they crave in their products.

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