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Exploring the WVTR Benefit of Our Duma Range

Maintaining the quality and longevity of nutraceutical, health and wellbeing, and pharmaceutical products is crucial. One essential factor in ensuring product integrity is the Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR). At BlueSky, our Duma range stands out by offering superior WVTR performance, ensuring your products remain fresh and effective. Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these containers provide excellent protection against moisture ingress.

💧 The Importance of WVTR:

Product Preservation A low WVTR is critical for preserving the freshness and stability of your formulations. Products exposed to high levels of moisture can degrade quickly, losing their effectiveness and posing potential health risks. The Duma range, crafted from durable HDPE, is designed with materials that effectively minimise water vapour transmission, keeping your products in optimal condition for longer.

Quality Assurance Effective moisture control is paramount, particularly for sensitive products. The Duma range’s excellent WVTR properties, thanks to the use of HDPE, help maintain the integrity and quality of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, ensuring they deliver the desired benefits to consumers.

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The larger the volume of a bottle, the greater the potential for water vapour transmission. To mitigate this, avoid excessive headspace by selecting the appropriate bottle size for your product. Utilising the right bottle size not only reduces WVTR but also maximises the efficiency of your packaging.

Considerations in Design and Material Choice

At BlueSky, we carefully select materials and stock packaging to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our HDPE Duma containers exemplify our commitment to providing high-quality packaging solutions. The combination of advanced materials and thoughtful design ensures that your products are protected against moisture, preserving their efficacy and safety.

Benefits of BlueSky’s Duma Range:

  • Superior WVTR Performance: Our Duma range features low WVTR, crucial for maintaining product quality.
  • Customisable Sizes: Available in various sizes to suit different product needs and minimise headspace.
  • Robust and Durable: Made from HDPE, these containers are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term product protection.
  • Aesthetic and Functional: Blending form and function, our Duma range offers both visual appeal and practical benefits.

Partner with BlueSky for Your Packaging Needs

Understanding the importance of WVTR and selecting the right packaging solutions are vital steps in ensuring your products’ success in the market. BlueSky’s Duma range, crafted from high-quality HDPE, is designed to meet these needs, offering unparalleled protection and quality assurance. Contact us today to discuss your specific packaging requirements and discover how our Duma range can benefit your products.

By prioritising WVTR in your packaging strategy, you ensure that your products maintain their effectiveness and safety from production to consumption. Choose BlueSky’s Duma range for packaging that delivers superior performance and peace of mind.


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