PCR PET Packaging Range

Think Sustainably

PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled content) PET is an environmentally sustainable solution for reusing single-use materials. PCR PET bottles are plastic bottles made from PET that has already been used by the consumer and recycled. Switching to PCR PET plastics for your packaging can help forge a circular economy. A circular economy means keeping a constant flow […]

Airless pump bottles

Do you require packaging that will deliver a more precise, controlled application? Airless pump bottles have a sleek, sophisticated look and excellent ergonomic appeal to enhance your products. See our Airless Range Here Beauty ​Packaging report​ed that: “Continued growth is expected. The Global Airless Packaging market is estimated to be worth $17.6 billion in 2022, according […]

As simple as VMS

We understand that vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) packaging is not only vital to the perceived value of a brand, but it also needs to protect and maintain the integrity of the product. The VMS category is brimming with potential, its growth fuelled by category cross-overs with hair, skin, beauty and sports nutrition.  Consumers are […]

Tubes, Pouches & Powders

BlueSky welcomes three new capabilities to its manufacturing family. In line with our growth strategy we have recently welcomed three new capabilities to our manufacturing family. We now offer development and manufacturing of powder-based products, with our powder filling operation, in addition to tube and pouch filling. The waterless trend continues to grow, with powder […]

Did you know your PET products could be at risk from heat distortion?

Tips to maintain the safety & quality of PET products PET is unique in that it is virtually shatterproof, has an extremely high strength to weight ratio and has excellent chemical resistance to organic material and water. It is easy to handle and transport, however, some are unaware of its susceptibility to heat distortion and […]

UK Plastic Packaging Tax – How BlueSky will support you

From 1st April 2022 the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) will become law. As an importer of plastics, BlueSky will be responsible for paying the tax directly and reporting the relevant data required by HMRC. We understand that during this interim period there has been confusion surrounding this subject. Therefore we have created a comprehensive overview […]

100% Recyclable Plastic Future Pump

The 100% recyclable future pump has been a massive success for BlueSky and it’s clients, and further great news can be shared regarding this remarkable product, it has become even more sustainable! The future pump can now be produced in PCR, with FDA and food grade certification. This is great news for all of us […]

How the Plastic Packaging Tax will affect you.

What is the Plastic Packaging Tax? The proposal for a Plastic Packaging Tax was first introduced as part of the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy 2018/19. The legislation will become law from 1 April 2022. The tax levy is £200 per tonne on any plastic item, defined as containing over 55% plastic (mixed content). The tax […]

Stand out in the market with our Pill and Vitamin Jars

Stand out in the market – Vitamin & Pill Jars PROTECT, PROMOTE & ENHANCE YOUR BRAND WITH BlueSky Packaging is vital to the perceived value of a brand and shelf appeal is an influencing factor for purchasing in today’s consumer driven market. The unique shape and attractive style of our vitamin and pill jars will […]

Discover BlueSky’s Azure bottle and jar collection

Azure PET Jar & Bottle Collection Your brand deserves maximum shelf appeal. Only the very best will do. That’s why we’ve pulled together this collection of our very best performing PET bottles and jars. PROTECT YOUR PRODUCT UNTIL ITS EXPIRY DATE Strong, durable PET can offer UV resistance as well as shatterproof protection. From the […]

Sanitiser Enquiries

Hand sanitiser packaging & filling equipment BlueSky are suppliers of bottles and closures for anti-bacterial and sanitiser products. We have huge quantities of PET bottles from 50ml-1000ml with a range of closures suitable for dispensing liquids and gel products, all available from stock. Our in-house manufacturing facility can also provide a fast quality filling service […]

BlueSky donates £10,000 to the NHS

This year given the restrictions on face-to-face contact, instead of our usual custom of gifting hampers, the UK’s largest stockist of plastic and aluminium bottles, jars, containers, and accessories, BlueSky, has donated £10,000 to NHS Charities Together (https://www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk/). This is in recognition and appreciation of the NHS’ role during the ongoing pandemic and to give […]

Introducing BlueSky’s Consultancy Service

As our expertise in packaging solutions to the personal care sector has grown, so to have our partnerships with many Indie brand owners. Once packaging requirements have been finalised, many brand owners turn to BlueSky for advice on sourcing, formulation development and testing, labels, display cartons and most importantly a manufacturing partner. Coordinating multiple suppliers is a serious […]

BlueSky proud of continued ISO9001:2015 accreditation

BlueSky is proud to have retained its ISO9001 accreditation in Quality Management Systems (QMS) with no nonconformities. Our QMS formalises the business processes and policies that promote the quality of the products and services that we provide. This enables us to continually monitor and manage quality across our business so that we can quickly identify […]

BlueSky’s commitment to a sustainable future

BlueSky is committed to supporting a circular economy. A key element of our sustainability strategy has been reframing our supply chain to provide customers with sustainable packaging solutions. These solutions will continue to meet the varied demands of the markets we serve, without compromising on quality and ensure that our clients continue to have access […]