Discover the Robust Elegance of BlueSky’s HDPE Straight Sided Jars

BlueSky is excited to announce the upcoming addition to our packaging solutions – the HDPE Straight Sided Jars. Available soon in four convenient sizes, these jars combine durability with sleek design to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from food and health care to sports nutrition and personal care. Why Choose BlueSky’s HDPE Straight […]

BlueSky’s Corto Airless Pumps: The Ultimate Guide to Precision Packaging

Discover how the Corto Airless Pump range can transform your product packaging with advanced airless technology, precision dispensing, and sleek designs. Explore this complete guide to choosing the right Corto pump for your needs. The Corto Airless Pumps, are a series designed to cater to liquid products across various industries, including beauty, skincare, topical health […]

Aluminium Bottles: The Future of Beverage Service in the Travel Industry?

The travel industry, spanning airlines, cruise liners, and trains, constantly seeks innovative solutions to enhance passenger experience while adhering to operational and environmental standards. One significant shift gaining momentum is the adoption of aluminium bottles for beverage service. This transition not only addresses practical concerns but also aligns with sustainability goals, marking aluminium bottles as […]

100% PE Disc Top – Coming Soon!

As the demand for more sustainable packaging continues to grow, BlueSky is poised to introduce an exciting addition to our product line-up that marries practicality with environmental responsibility. Meet our soon-to-arrive disc top, a welcome addition to our range of caps and closures. The disc top, made entirely from polyethylene (PE), underscores our ongoing commitment […]

Aluminium Pill Jars: Secure, Stylish, Sustainable

At a time where health and wellness have taken centre stage in our lives, consumers are not just looking for efficacy in their products but also an aesthetic appeal in their daily health routines; design, colour, font, shape – it all makes a difference to your product being selected or not. Recognising this shift, BlueSky […]

BlueSky’s 100% PCR 70cl Aluminium Bottles: Style Meets Sustainability

BlueSky is thrilled to introduce our expanded range of 70cl/700-750ml aluminium bottles, now available in three distinct finishes, each designed to meet diverse branding needs while upholding our commitment to sustainability. Sustainability and Style Unified Our new aluminium bottles are entirely made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) aluminium, meeting the surging demand for sustainable packaging, […]

Maximising Efficiency with BlueSky’s Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery

Efficiency and agility are more important than ever. We know that our just-in-time (JIT) delivery system is a vital solution for our customers. Here, we explore how BlueSky’s JIT delivery maximises space and potential for your business, by enhancing your operational effectiveness. Understanding JIT Delivery JIT delivery synchronises order deliveries with production schedules, helping you […]

Watch our Aluminium Round-Up and See What’s Coming!

We’re excited to invite you to watch a video presentation featuring our own Head of Supply Chain, Adrian Wade, and Marketing Manager, Laura Grant. In this insightful round-up, they delve into one of BlueSky’s core product lines: Aluminium Packaging. Aluminium, known for its durability and sustainability, is a cornerstone of our product offerings. As we […]

Packaging Trends 2024

In the ever-evolving world of packaging, 2024 heralds a new wave of innovation and responsibility. With the start of this year, we at BlueSky are excited to share some of the key trends and news shaping the packaging industry.   Reusability and Refill Schemes -The New Norm: The shift towards reusable and refillable packaging solutions […]

BlueSky Returns to Packaging Innovations & Empack 2024

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Packaging Innovations & Empack 2024. This significant event, scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of February at the NEC in Birmingham, represents a much-anticipated return for BlueSky.   Showcasing a Broad Range of Products Visitors to stand G100 will have the opportunity to explore our […]

The Future of Beverage Packaging: Understanding the EU’s Tethered Cap Mandate

From 3 July 2024, a significant change in the beverage industry will come into effect, as mandated by the European Union’s ambitious single-use plastics directive. In a move aimed at combating environmental pollution, this directive requires that caps and lids on all beverage containers with a capacity of up to three litres remain firmly attached […]

BlueSky’s Enhanced PCR Packaging Range

In the pursuit of combining environmental responsibility with practical packaging solutions, BlueSky proudly announces the expansion of our Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) product range. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainability and offers a thoughtful approach to packaging, aligning with the needs of today’s eco-conscious market.   Streamlined Website Experience We understand the importance of a […]

BlueSky Broadens Range of Aluminium Bottles Catering to the Beverage Market

BlueSky is excited to announce an expanded range of Aluminium Bottles, specially curated for the beverage market, notably for spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). This initiative stems from our continuous endeavour to source and supply superior Aluminium Bottle options responding to the growing market demands. This expansion underscores the benefits of aluminium […]

Navigating the UK Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Landscape

For businesses across the UK, understanding the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is no longer just a matter of environmental stewardship; it’s a legislative imperative. If you’re involved in the packaging sector, you’re undoubtedly aware of the ongoing conversations about EPR, but a recent update has added new dimensions to the discourse. Who is Affected by […]

HD (High Dose) Lotion Pump: Efficiency Meets Style

When it comes to certain liquid products, having a packaging solution that not only exudes visual appeal but also functions flawlessly is crucial. That’s where the HD (High Dose) Pump with a 28/410 collar comes in, and we are thrilled to offer this addition to our product line-up. The HD Pump goes beyond mere aesthetics; […]

High-Quality Aluminium Bottle Printing

If you’re in the market for top-quality aluminium bottle printing services, look no further than BlueSky. Our European manufacturing base manufactures and prints aluminium bottles on-site. One of the standout features is the ability to print complex patterns directly onto the aluminium substrate. Whether you’re looking for a white or colourless basecoat with up to […]