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BlueSky’s commitment to a sustainable future

BlueSky is committed to supporting a circular economy. A key element of our sustainability strategy has been reframing our supply chain to provide customers with sustainable packaging solutions. These solutions will continue to meet the varied demands of the markets we serve, without compromising on quality and ensure that our clients continue to have access to relevant and sustainable rigid packaging.

This strategy will assist us in lessening the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax that comes into effect in April 2022 across the UK. Plastic packaging manufactured or imported into the UK that contains less than 30% recycled content will be subject to this tax.

BlueSky will start transitioning our standard Virgin PET ranges to Recycled (30%) PET ranges, launching the initiative with our Straight Sided Jar range, with other product categories to follow. You can be assured that the inclusion of recycled content in our plastic ranges will not affect the integrity of the products and you will continue to receive products of the highest quality.

Being an ISO9001 accredited company, we will ensure that you are made aware of any changes to the products that you purchase from us through our change control process.

By working together, across the supply chain, we can reduce our reliance on virgin plastics, reduce our CO2 footprint, create a greater demand for recycled materials, stimulate the reuse of plastic and recycling of plastic waste.

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