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100% PE Recyclable Disc Top

At BlueSky, we’re committed to providing you with the best packaging solutions possible. We know that you want your goods to be secure and safe, but you also want them to look great and be environmentally friendly. We’re here to help you find a packaging solution that works for you, whether it’s an ambitious new design or an existing product.

In today’s world, brand owners are looking to increase their product’s shelf life, protect against contamination, and reduce waste. At the same time, they’re trying to stay ahead of the growing consumer preference for sustainable packaging. We’re here to help you make all those things happen. That’s because we know how to source packaging solutions that are just as innovative as they are sustainable: we partner with you to provide global sourcing expertise; we solve your packaging requirements; we consolidate your supply chain; and we remove tomorrow’s disruption.

We can offer the brand new mono-polymer 24/410 disc top from Aptar, the latest addition to Aptar’s Future family. This lockable disc top is 100% PE and suitable for PE and PET bottles, ensuring a fully recyclable pack. It’s 100% recyclable, easy to use, shower proof, has a premium aesthetic—and it’s been designed with the environment in mind!

It is E-commerce compliant (Amazon ISTA 6). It has an on/off locking system making it ideal for E-commerce. There is a visible on/off ring that creates a double-click sound (no fixture unscrewing; no actuator opening; no breakage or disassembly).

Disc top packaging is one of the most versatile types of packaging for liquids. In terms of its versatility, the disc top can be used for both water-based and oily products. They are also great for dispensing viscous fluids or those with higher viscosity. The large opening on the top makes them easy to fill and easy to use.

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